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You will feel much peace and stability with each other and will be happy with the state of your relationship.

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Those of you who are in search of love, will have to divert their attention somewhere else, as the time is not very good for such an eventuality as of now. Mid month, there are chances that you may try to force your opinions and decisions on your beloved. Avoid getting into this mess; it will only create unhappiness.

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Those of you in love, try to give space to the other person, after all, love is all about trust. Imposing opinions or dictating terms will only spoil it. It will be better if you are fair and honest in your relationship because that will give both of you enough freedom to grow as individuals. Around the month end, you are likely to face tests of love. Some of you may also have to bear separation from your beloved for a while. For some of you, there could be trouble in paradise. But the heartening news for you is that you are likely to come out a winner.

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